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Meet Emmylou

Wistful, timeless & romantic. A lover of light and a traveller at heart.

During 2024 I’ll be travelling to New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Italy, South Carolina, Greece, New York and Corfu…I’d love for you to get in touch to see if I’ll be available for your date and location also. 

A wedding photographer with a sincere, unwavering love of art, Emmylou’s passion for photography was ignited whilst studying for her BA in fine art and film. It was here that she fell in love with analogue techniques, learning to adhere to the imperfections of capturing light and movement.

She is a creative, ambitious, experienced and compassionate photographer who revels in travelling the world, documenting the intimate binding of two people wildly in love.

“Her talent is raw, edgy come ethereal, with an emphasis on natural light”

Katherine & Simon

Photography Style

Renowned as a visionary in the world of fine art photography, Emmylou has elevated her craft with a distinctive editorial style,  juxtaposed with journalistic qualities and a hint of fine art which she has honed within the analogue medium.

With a discerning eye for capturing the essence of moments, her work transcends traditional boundaries, providing a unique and timeless perspective.

Emmylou’s mastery of the analogue medium not only sets her apart as a true artist but also allows her to create evocative visual narratives that resonate with profound depth and emotion. This prowess has made her a sought-after name for those who crave a seamless fusion of artistry and storytelling in their photography.

Her cinematic, timeless frames are alive with movement, emotion and raw beauty, resulting in a generous gallery of mementoes encompassing the true beauty of the day experienced and enjoyed for years to come.

Emmylou shoots a blend of true to life digital and analogue, which together give her galleries an artful, tangible quality, with each wedding couple being gifted fine art prints and negatives developed from the rolls of film shot that day.

Video Style

Emmylou’s cinematography is an artful blend of documentary-style storytelling and non-invasive filming techniques, resulting in raw and romantic cinematic masterpieces that capture the essence of your wedding day. 

As she works, she becomes the silent observer, weaving together the unscripted moments, stolen glances, and genuine emotions into a compelling narrative that unfolds like a timeless love story. She believes in preserving the authenticity of your day, allowing you to experience your day without any interruption and then relive every cherished moment with the same intensity of feeling.

She captures the spontaneity and enthusiasm of your celebration, infusing your wedding video with a contagious energy that mirrors the joy and excitement of the occasion. From the lively dance floor to the heartfelt toasts, every moment is documented with a vivacity that makes you feel like you’re reliving the day with a burst of exhilaration. Emmylou’s commitment to an energetic documentary style ensures that your wedding video is not just a keepsake but a living, breathing testament to your love’s exuberance and vitality.

Emmylou captures weddings and events on Super 8 and camcorder footage documenting all the romance and revelry of your wedding with the nostalgic look and feel of film.

It’s a raw, sentimental and timeless medium which is perfectly imperfect and manages to distill every drop of magic from your day.

These aren’t filters or a video edit; Super 8 is shot on real film using an original 1970s cine film camera which exposes 18 frames per second, creating the illusion of movement. Digital video brings the home movie element to your wedding day with the ability to rewatch these on tape and also digitally.

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Your Day

With years of experience in the wedding industry, Emmylou will guide you through this exciting experience with sensitivity, passion, and friendship. From initial contact, you will be enveloped by her warmth and empathy, and you can be assured that her extraordinary vision and effortless eye for detail will ensure your most special of memories are indelible over time.

Starting with those slightly nervous morning preparations and finishing with contagious laughter on the dance floor, she will shoot the full experience from afar, not afraid to jump in whenever she sees fit, yet always fully immersed in the energy of your day.

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Travelling the world, shooting your love stories.