A curator of visual poetry

Meet Emmylou

Wistful, timeless & romantic. A lover of light and a traveller at heart.

Emmylou’s brand photography is a true manifestation of her authentic passion for fine art, kindled during her academic journey pursuing a BA in fine art and film studies.

Infused with the enchantment of analogue techniques, she not only embraces the imperfections inherent in capturing light and movement but elevates them to perfect the art of storytelling within the brand’s ethos.

Emmylou’s images transcend mere visuals, becoming an eloquent language that beautifully communicates the essence of her artistic dedication and the soul of the brand.

Working with Emmylou

Emmylou’s prowess in project management transforms each photoshoot into a meticulously orchestrated visual symphony.

“Her talent speaks for itself, the images were absolutely stunning and helped me to significantly elevate my branding. Her fine art style brings something fresh and new.. I would 100% recommend her to anyone looking for stylish product photography.”

From conceptualisation to execution, Emmylou masterfully directs the team, guiding each element into harmonious alignment.

Her ability to adhere to timelines without compromising on the creative vision showcases a rare balance between efficiency and artistic excellence.

Photography Style

Emmylou is a multifaceted artist whose creative journey began by immersing herself in the realms of fine art, art direction, photography, and filmmaking. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of these disciplines, she not only honed her technical skills but developed a keen eye for storytelling and aesthetic nuances.

She hones these tools to bring forward a unique and refined perspective to your project, using a mixture of mediums including digital and analogue photography as well as moving image. Beyond her individual prowess, she demonstrates exceptional leadership skills, managing teams with grace and precision. With years of experience working with various brands from bridal to manufacturing, events to fashion week, she has the tools to develop a unique and refined perspective to your project.

Video Style

Emmylou cinematography is an artful blend of documentary-style storytelling and non-invasive filming techniques, resulting in raw and cinematic masterpieces that capture the essence of your brand.

With an energetic and dynamic style that brings your brand story to life, she captures the spontaneity and enthusiasm of your event, infusing moving images with a contagious energy that mirrors the spirit of the occasion whilst documenting all the specifics with the nostalgic look and feel of film.

It’s a raw and timeless medium which is perfectly imperfect and manages to distill every drop of magic within your brand.

These aren’t filters or a video edit; Super 8 is shot on real film using an original 1970s cine film camera which exposes 18 frames per second, creating the illusion of movement.

Digital video brings the home movie element to your event or brand shoot  with the ability to rewatch these on tape and also digitally.

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For all enquiries, including brand shoots and collaborations, please contact [email protected].